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Danny Almeida23:02:33

Hi, I'm new to duct framework. How do you serve files from public directory ? I've downloaded semantic-ui files under public/semantic-ui, but when i include them using include-css "semantic-ui/semantic.js" ..i get a resource not found,'

Danny Almeida23:02:11

sorry that should have read include-css "semantic-ui/semantic.css"

Danny Almeida23:02:07

i've include "public" in project.clj under resource-paths


First, you need to remove this part.

Danny Almeida23:02:57

i see..let me try


Then your public directory is in resources/your-app-name/public

Danny Almeida23:02:48

i see... so it's not under the project root directory ?


Not directly, no. It’s in the project resources.


If you print out your config in the REPL, it should tell you.

Danny Almeida23:02:42

BTW, thank you so much for this framework..although I've just been trying it out for a day, I love the way it's structured 👍:skin-tone-3:

Danny Almeida00:02:14

sorry for being a noob, but how do i print the config ?


In your dev namespace, I should add.

Danny Almeida00:02:55

thank you 🙂

Danny Almeida00:02:01

yes ..i am in dev namespace

Danny Almeida00:02:08

thank you again for being so prompt


I think there might be a pprint as well which formats it better.

Danny Almeida00:02:29

yes.i have included clojure.pprint

Danny Almeida00:02:36

for debugging purposes


You may need to (prep) the config first, or just run (go).


The config var holds the configuration after all the modules have been applied, so you can see exactly how it’s configured.

Danny Almeida00:02:48

that's great .. now i can see all config variables being pulled

Danny Almeida00:02:52

didn't know that.

Danny Almeida00:02:48

it's working now.. cheers 👏:skin-tone-3: