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Ahmed Hassan05:07:34

What do :prep-tasks ["javac" "compile" ["run" ":duct/compiler"]] in project.clj file of duct-pedestal-reitit-master template?

Ahmed Hassan05:07:00

How can we setup template like this with deps.edn and CLJ?

Ahmed Hassan05:07:30

I am not able to understand key concepts behind Duct and Integrant.


IMO the key concept is that the declarative config is turned into running system.

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Don't really know much about the deps.edn, but basically, you'll need to implement some kind of your own :prep-tasks

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In deps.edn the equivalent would be a function that compiles Java code, then Clojure code, then runs -main with the argument :duct/compiler.

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It’s there to allow keys that derive from :duct/compiler to compile static resources to be included in the final release.

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