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I’m considering Duct for an upcoming project and I’m wondering if there are any performance concerns I should be aware of. I haven’t seen any comparisons with other frameworks. Moreover, I haven’t decided on a routing library yet (open to suggestions), which I’m sure is the biggest consideration here. The project isn’t particularly performance sensitive, but just checking.


The only performance impact Duct should have is on startup, and that should be fairly minimal compared to the time spend loading all required Clojure files.

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I’ve created a Duct module for Bidi As you can see it’s easy to create it for any other routing library.

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You can use Duct regardless of which routing library you choose (default uses compojure or ataraxy); I personally use it with Pedestal and it’s routing libraries. So there’s no “lock-in” that you can’t get around if you later have metrics showing that routing is your bottleneck.


yes thanks, I was more asking if there were any performance concerns with the framework itself, and it looks like there aren’t since that falls mostly to the choice of routing library


Integrant is a library for connecting arbitrary system components together; Duct adds some conveniences around Integrant, and provides various modules for quickly adding components to the system; neither dictate what components you must use.