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@arrdem - are you planning on releasing a version of stacks to clojars? I’ve started playing with it locally on a project, but it would be good to know if I can expect to add it as a dev dependency to projects anytime soon.


@pithyless the precise status of stacks is unclear. As far as I’m concerned it’s a bunch of prototype code with no UI that also doesn’t have a storage model yet. @martinklepsch is working with me to try and sketch out a Grimoire v2 store system for his #cljdoc project. I don’t expect to do a release of stacks as I envision it until I get the lib-grimoire v2 store out the door and some of it may just get rolled into cljdoc. If it’d be useful to you for doctests or what have you I’d be happy to do a release as-is.


Sadly work has other higher priority needs so this has all taken a back seat.


That’s fine @arrdem, thanks for the status update. You’re right, I was mainly interested in the doctest stuff right now, but I can easily pull that out if necessary. I’m still trying to figure out, if it’s a good idea; so no need to commit to anything and release now. I’ve been playing with doctests and more specs (instrumented with orchestra), but I’m not sure myself if the ratio of code-to-docs in one place is helping or hurting comprehension 🙂


Yeah I’m pretty up in the air on the doctests thing myself. For some of the stuff I’ve written it’s pretty nice and I like that it lets me mechanically extract structure from docstrings but I can definitely see how it could be abused.


Anyone have an example of having circleci auto-generate codox and push to a github pages branch?I did see but it looks a bit out of date


@timgilbert what library are you wanting to publish docs for? I’m working on a thing that does all the docs building &publishing for you...


I'm excited about your project @martinklepsch! I'm working on a soon-to-be open source library


Trying to figure out a good documentation tool


The thing I've got interops with lacinia, so I've been considering following their lead and publishing to


But it's early days so I'm just sticking with a bunch of .md files and codox for the moment


Is your lib on Clojars + Github already?


Nope, won't be for another few weeks it looks like, lot of bugs to hammer out


@timgilbert alright, let me know once release is imminent and we can sync up/I can show you what things would look like with the tool I’m working on


Sounds great, I'll do that


I've been dabbling in Elixir and having a for Clojure would be incredibly cool


That’s the goal 😄


I share that sentiment 😄


Sweet. Well, I'll keep you posted