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@darwin 1.2.5 works with canary but not with chromium (60.0.3078.0 the one mentioned on the release page or even todays latest 60.0.3080.0). in the console of the dirac console i see the following error:

Dirac implant 1.2.5 initialized
inspector.js:10119 Main._createAppUI: 19.949951171875ms
inspector.js:10124 Main._showAppUI: 6.325927734375ms
inspector.js:6113 Uncaught TypeError: target.registerOverlayDispatcher is not a function
    at SDK.OverlayModel (inspector.js:6113)
    at SDK.Target.model (inspector.js:4700)
    at SDK.Target.createModels (inspector.js:4681)
    at SDK.TargetManager.createTarget (inspector.js:4753)
    at SDK.TargetManager._connectAndCreateMainTarget (inspector.js:4776)
    at SDK.TargetManager.connectToMainTarget (inspector.js:4773)
    at Main.Main._initializeTarget (inspector.js:10125)


im trying it with the dirac-sample app after bumping the version to 1.2.5 on this line:


@onetom it is still the same issue, they reverted the changes again:


you must use 1.2.4 with 60.0.3079.0 and up


at least I’m speaking about Mac versions, linux versions could snapshot the chromium master at slightly different points