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Thanks for your incredible work on Dirac @darwin ! We’re using 1.0.0 as of today and working fine. Its second only to ClojureScript itself in terms of its importance to our development tooling.


I’m glad you find it useful, thanks @superstructor


is it possible to setup Dirac using only your ~/.lein/profiles.clj ?


or do you have to add some options to a project.clj ?


@biscuitpants I think some of the configuration can be moved to profiles.clj, but not all and it depends on your project structure if you look at, there are basically 3 steps: 1) add dirac dependency to project.clj 2) setup your code to call dirac.runtime/install! 3) setup :repl-options for your repl to start Dirac Agent as well I believe 1) and 3) can be put into profiles, 2) is tricky, because you have to add it as a preload, which would mean that your profiles file would have to assume particular cljs-build structure in your project.clj, or you have to add it as as code, and then your project code would assume the dependency was included, which might be not obvious form step 1) being in profiles


ah okay, so its not as straight forward as just adding the dep and the preloadas


well, that is alright 🙂 its a pretty large project, so i understand that


I can imagine writing more involved code for 2) which would via a macro detect if dirac dependency is present, if yes it would emit dirac.runtime/install! call