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Docs Suggestion: as well as pointing out the Page-up / Page-down thing. I'd also mention that locals can only be accessed (in the console) by prepending js/ to their name.


In some ways it is should have been obvious (there were console warnings when i didn't do it), but the process of learning something new is always a bit of a blur, and I didn't twig to it easily.


On the other hand, perhaps it is already documented and I just missed it.


so if we set a breakpoint inside a let binding or fn call, we can access the locals with js/?


wow I didn't know that, neat!


thanks for trying, Dirac is in early stage of development and docs are incomplete, help wanted, especially from someone using boot to add boot-specific bits


also Scope panel shows rewritten locals names with indices (to ease it for eyes), but when you want to enter them in REPL, you have to hover them with cursor to find the real name and then use js/real-name instead


I will probably implement some kind of auto-completion in the future, but for now it is the way it is


also don’t know how to convince cljs compiler to treat locals as normal cljs symbol names, those names are not defined in current namespace so they don’t get analyzed as clojurescript things, they must be prefixed with js/ as coming from js land


I seem to remember that when you compile you can supply an environment and in that environment you can supply a list of locals?


Of course you'd have to query the current stack frame to obtain that list of locals