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@darwin: can dirac be used to debug phonegap? With stock devtools I can go "More tools > Inspect devices…" to connect the debugger to the emulator, but dirac doesn't report the emulator there. Any idea why that is/what should I do?


@jaen: I’m sorry. no idea. never used that feature


I guess that will be some permission thing, internal devtools may have access to some communication channels which are restricted in chrome extensions, maybe try asking ChromeDevTools user at twitter, they are quite responsive or ask on devtools irc channel


@darwin: thanks, will do; will let you know if I learn something.


Is there a way to launch dirac with the required profile, but not tie up a terminal session? Trying to launch it with & don’t seem to do it


I dunno what platform you use, but maybe pack it into an application shortcut?


I think I might have written my fish command wrong


you mean that command launching Chrome Canary with some command-line args? & should work fine


if you are on Mac, you could try to write applescript launching that command and save it as “AppleScript Application” this way you could create fake-app with icon to be launched from dock or desktop (in theory)


& was fine, I just got a bit confused putting it in a fish function and attaching & to the function call


23:30:53   jaen | Are devtools internal to Chrome somehow privileged? I'm using  to debug ClojureScript and want to use it to debug a hybrid application written using PhoneGap running in an
                | Android emulator. For stock devtools "More tools -> Inspect devices…" properly shows the emulator, but devtools dirac uses (packed into a Chrome extension) show nothing there.
23:30:59   jaen | Any way to figure out what's wrong?
23:33:51 Garbee | jaen, I don't believe device inspection is available for remote debuggers.
23:34:07 Garbee | Some parts are privileged or only allowed in specific contexts (like Device Mode.)
23:35:10   jaen | Drats.
23:35:28   jaen | So there's nothing like a permission or a flag to force Chrome to expose that?
23:37:53 Garbee | Nope. I think it is a limitation of the remote debugging protocol that is in use.
23:38:50   jaen | I see; that's a pitty, would have been useful.