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interested in your experience 🙂


@jerger I first tried the Source-to-Image approach but the docker image I was using for that was using an outdated plugin that was causing issues. I went so far as to fork it and rebuild the image and push it to docker hub but I still got some random error. I should've documented my journey a bit better because now that I've been away from it two days I'm not sure where to start again. I was trying to set up my openshift deployment where I could just hit the build button and it would pull the source from gitlab, build the image and the code, and then kickoff the lein task to run the simple webapp. This would definitely make CI a lot easier but I might go the waterfall approach and once the app is code complete I'll just build the image locally and push it to openshift. Otherwise I'll just run the app off of an old laptop I have at my desk.


Did you ever had a look on Mach?


As you mention lein ...


Here I found a talk about ( and am still thinking about joining this conference ...