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We've done quite a bit with Clojure apps on AWS. Haven't used CodeDeploy and CodePipeline, though. We do it all with CloudFormation.

Kira Sotnikov15:09:55

jeff.terrell: code.pipeline with jenkins?

Kira Sotnikov15:09:03

I mean it still can't into another CI tools


@lowl4tency: Sorry, I'm not sure what you're asking. We haven't done CI with CloudFormation, but I don't think it would be that hard. Just build an uberjar, upload to S3, then update your stack to point to the new uberjar location, and CloudFormation takes care of all the particular updates.

Kira Sotnikov15:09:43

jeff.terrell: I meant code pipeline.


I don't know much about CodePipeline, sorry.

Kira Sotnikov15:09:07

jeff.terrell: i use CircleCI with cloudformation, it's not so hard simple_smile


Nice, good to hear. simple_smile

Kira Sotnikov15:09:46

jeff.terrell: I've got a simple script which uploads my templates and files to s3 and runs updates of stacks

Kira Sotnikov15:09:05

It all run from CircleCi with simple push to github repo


That sounds pretty nice, kudos. simple_smile


We haven't had frequent enough updates to need something like that, but maybe when we do I'll ask you a few questions. simple_smile

Kira Sotnikov15:09:33

Just I use nested stacks and a lot of cloudformation::init functions

Kira Sotnikov15:09:47

W/o the automation it would be terrible for manual work


speaking of AWS, does anyone know why a jar will work on port 8080 (or what have you) locally but never on EC2? running curl localhost:8080 just has connection refused