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wondering if anyone has any advice about where to locate devcards in ones project, particularly how you are sourcing the components you define in devcards into your application?


to elaborate I am imagining having a set of dev cards that will catalog my UI components, but I'd like to be able to reference the same code when placing components in my app. Is there a way of doing this without having the same code live in two spots and having to make sure they stay in sync?


@mattsfrey: a, thanks for the gist. b) re your previous inquiry, for things like a styleguide, I have a dev.* namespace that doesn't get included in the "production" build but does get included in our edge builds


there's a few extra route handlers declared there for things like the styleguide, docs, prototypes, etc


it's worked fairly well


so your actual component code does live in two files?


and has to be reconciled somehow?


@mattsfrey: My usual workflow is to start off with my devcards in the same namespace as the component while designing and figuring things out, then I move it out to a dev.* namespace as needed. Where do you want your devcards to be accessible from - production, development, or separate from both?


Maybe I'm not understanding something but I thought the devcard itself holds the component code that will be used there, basically wrapped inside a defcard etc


but I'd want to use the component code as well inside of my app


i.e. to place a modal or button or whatever


which I wouldn't do with it living inside of a defcard etc?


@mattsfrey: I believe the general approach is to define your component outside of the card itself, then mount the component within the card so that you can work on the design/tests without needing to have the full app framework built around it. At least that's how I've been using it... I don't think it would work otherwise, as part of the appeal of devcards is that you can choose to build/render the cards or not for any build profile, so you can have them accessible at dev time but not affect anything in your production build.


If you look at the code on the main demos (, you can see that the individual components are declared using the normal defn and then those functions are used from within each card


Yeah I wasn't looking at this correctly at all lol


I've been there 🙂 Bruce's talk at strangeloop is excellent if you haven't seen it yet and might help with some of the conceptual stuff


But I think how devcards works will be a great fit for what you're trying to do in terms of a UI component catalog, it's a joy to work with.


yeah everyone has been raving about it, I'll check the video


thanks for being so thorough and helping me out, my slack interactions the last few days have really helped shape my testing strategy etc


No problem, I'm glad I could be of some help. Honestly, slack helped me through so many conceptual issues as I got started with the whole Clojure stack - there's so many new and innovative things that it was impossible for me to wrap my head around it all without help. I spent a couple years really interested in it all, been working with it all for about a year and I still feel like a beginner for much of it.


For sure, I just started with clojure and FP in general 3 months ago so I know the feeling 🙂