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is there an example somewhere about how to use devcards with re-frame?


@shem: I've seen a couple discussions on it, but nothing substantial on how to use it. devcards works fine with reagent components, so it might be worthwhile trying to separate your reagent components out and use devcards with them rather than trying to get the whole re-frame app involved.


is pure-frame the solution to this age old (for me) problem?


I'm using devcards with re-frame in a project by mounting each card on a separate iframe so cards are isolated and they can make full use of the re-frame db & dispatching. It has its cons of course (it takes longer to load for example) but it works reasonably well for us (orders of magnitude better than no having devcards!). I didn't have time lately to do some changes suggested by Bruce before sending a PR, but if anyone wants to give it a try it's in There are a couple small examples that should help you get started


thanks guys, i'll try these approaches


What does om-root/`defcard-om` do that om/build isn't suitable for?


Also: Is there a recommended way to share documentation between a card and a docstring?