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I’m trying to follow the devcards steps for use with figwheel, and I think I’m missing some knowledge about lein and/or cljsbuild. It doesn’t look like my devcards build actually happens (I don’t see the compiled js at the location specified in the devcards build map). Do you have to trigger that seperately from running lein-figwheel?


@jeremyraines: Is the code public?


sure, I can push up the WIP right now


I’m just trying to take a bunch of tools and do the simplest possible thing with them, just to practice getting a project set up, and documenting it in a guide format as I go (not that I think i’m actually qualified to promote said guide as anything authoritative)


I see no start-devcard-ui! in cards.core. That might just be what's missing.


@jeremyraines how are you trying to start figwheel and interact with the cards?


I couldn’t see them getting compiled when I did lein figwheel, so right now I’m just using lein cljsbuild once


i have figwheel running though


So you are missing some basic knowledge about figwheel and builds in general


You will need to run lein figwheel devcards


Specifying the build you want to build


The id of the devcards build will start the autobuilding of that build.


got it. fixing my namespaces & doing that


great. It’s working now, thank you. I still see that invariant violation in the console, but everything I expect to see in the UI is there


So you are thrashing a bit. Please slow down and approach these tools more slowly and learn how to use them a least a little bit otherwise nothing is going to ever work for you. We'll be able to help you much better. Have you done the clojurescript Quick Start? Have you done the figwheel Quick Start?


been a while on the former, and had been going along well with Figwheel for a while. Learning the tools “at least a little bit” is what I’m trying to do, but I’ll try to keep my questions to a minimum. There’s a lot of tools though, hence the thrashing. Takes some time to learn where the problem is coming from, even if you’re comfortable using the tool when everything’s working as expected.


@jeremyraines: yeah, there are lots of assumptions in the docs. I'm psyched that you are hanging in there and giving things a try. Once you get going ClojureScript is the most fun you can have these days.


on the front end anyway


Clojure is pretty bad ass on the back end as well.


yeah, I’m really excited. Apologies for getting a bit defensive — your advice is obviously sound.


well I apologize for the comment with the RTFM subtext


no problem. and thanks again for both your help and these great tools