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Hi, Is it possible to override deps when invoking -X:jar via CLI? similar to -Sdeps '{:deps …}'?


You have use aliases and tell depstar what aliases to use.


I can’t use aliases here, because aliases are “fixed” in the edn file, and I want to override a local dep with a maven dep just for the sake of creating a JAR library, so the maven version might be different on different branches etc. It’s a small addition to depstar, I can add it in my fork and open a PR for you, if you wish. Basically I’m using the monorepo approach and when trying to build a JAR I get

Manifest type not detected when finding deps for localize/zinc in coordinate #:local{:root "/Users/golan/dev/git/clj-data/zinc"}
Which totally makes sense. Anyway that’s my motivation.


The command-line -Sdeps can only affect how the CLI runs a program -- that information is all gone by the time the is actually running and therefore it can't affect how the program behaves.