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The log4j2 plugin merging is all in place now, and I've updated the compilation stuff to run in a separate JVM (via ProcessBuilder and a java -cp ... clojure.main -e command to run a compile expression (wrapped in binding on *compile-path*).

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If anyone wants to try 2.0,

  {:depstar {:replace-deps {seancorfield/depstar {:git/url ""
                                                  :sha "8237fca998925129b9d735a541d81e8f9df6c3aa"}}}}
Then clojure -X:depstar hf.depstar/jar ... for a JAR file or hf.depstar/uberjar for an uberjar. See the README for details of the options.


(updated SHA to reflect latest version with a number of bug fixes -- and some basic CI is now in place via GitHub Actions)


What's up there (@ 8237fca998925129b9d735a541d81e8f9df6c3aa) is almost certain to become 2.0.156 at this point. I may add some more automated tests but 2.0 is "feature complete" so if folks want to test it based on the SHA and LMK about any show-stopping bugs before I cut that release, I would appreciate it.


OK folks, 2.0.160 is available on Clojars! Let me know if you run into any problems. It is designed to be used with the CLI -X option (but can also work as a library, or be used from the REPL). You'll want to use :replace-deps for it, not :extra-deps.