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I am creating a new template for my projects. The root folder has a script with executable permissions. When creating a dummy application, I am referring to the template using local/root coordinates. The script is created correctly, however it doesn't have the executable permission on it. All this is on WSL2 Linux. ā€¢ Is it correct for me to expect the script file to be copied over while retaining the executable permission? ā€¢ Is there a way for me to mark the script executable after the dummy app is created? Like some kind of post creation hook script?


I scrolled up and saw this has already been reported here - ... @U7CAHM72M were you able to create the ticket? please share if you did. thanks.


@U04V70XH6 Looking at the source for deps-new , it seems to be primarily using b/copy-dir to copy files from root to the created app. From, b/copy-dir is able to copy the script correctly with the executable permission set. For reference this is It would help if you could clarify what should I change in my test repo to reproduce the issue.


The only copy-file operations should be on the two explicitly named files lib.clj and lib_test.clj -- everything else should copied with copy-dir. Based on your test, I would therefore expect to get x perms copied from template to temp dir to target dir. Could you create an issue on deps-new pointing to your repo and I can take a look? I'm wondering if the x perms are lost when the template is checked out by t.d.a perhaps?

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Thanks @U0A5B1LJU -- I probably won't get to it until the weekend but at least now I have a repro and won't forget it šŸ™‚

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Figured it out while I was watching Drag Race -- created an "ask" for and updated the issue with a workaround for now.


I implemented the workaround. Thank you! I will keep an eye on the ask thread. :thumbsup: