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Awesome, thanks alot @seancorfield 🙂


Okay following the video I now find that those ae not the only aliases I will need , I think there are more e.g

clojure -M:rebel:reveal:addlibs:test:dev
WARNING: Specified aliases are undeclared: [:rebel :reveal :addlibs :dev]
Is there a precursor tutorial I should follow to setup my environment? I'm following your tutorial on repl driven development because I would like to know how to create a web app with Clojure from scratch. One of my friends emphasized that the best way to go is to follow the repl driven development technique.


Sean and I both have shared our user level configuration that includes a wide number of aliases for development tools Here is a page from the Practicalli Clojure book that shows how to install this configuration The pages that follow show common tasks and the description of all the aliases and tools available


There is also a link to Sean’s configuration in the Clojure-deps-edn project readme


@U01RVS03CAZ Here’s the link to my config which has all the aliases you see in my talk (there’s a page or two of links at the end of my presentation BTW and you can find the slide deck here with links to both recordings of the talk).


It’s not really intended to be a tutorial — more an example of what the RDD techniques involve — and I tend to change the contents of my dot-clojure files fairly regularly. The assumption is that you install the whole thing: the whole deps.edn file and the dev.clj file as well (since it is used by the :dev/repl alias — which is the new name for the :dev alias since that conflicted with a common alias in various other projects).


Still, I’m happy to answer question about anything that comes up in the talk recordings.


Awesome, thank you guys