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@vijaykiran @raymcdermott nice episode again 🙂 what I liked - the topic on the community regarding the "disturbance in the force", it's not often in podcasts, and it was good to give your point of view - the relaxed tone, with jokes and autoderision - yet technical - it's also ok not to have a guest per episode, you guys know already a lot, and you bring a wider view on Clojure, not only on one library, framework, project, etc - I feel in the room with you during the podcast, because it's informal, and that's nice - oh and the sound quality and the length, not too long nor too short to sum up, nicely done, I'm waiting for the next one!


@adrien: wow! thanks a lot! Do you mind if I quote you 😉 ?


of course not, my pleasure 🙂


thank you for making it, I guess it's much more work than it looks


I had a good laugh with avoiding the meat section and becoming the first vegetrerian clojure podcast