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Patrick Brown11:06:40

What is datomic.ion.lambda.api-gateway/ionize? I can't find any docs. It looks like just what I need to ionize a ring handler. It also appears from doing a code search for it on github that it is intended for use with a proxy port. Is this still a viable route in 2022? How did people find out about this function and where is it documented? Anybody who has made a ring handler an ion before, how did you do it, HTTP direct? Lambda? I'm having a rough time getting an app that works with my datomic cloud database remotely to work as an Ion inside the VPC. CHEERS AND THANKS!

Patrick Brown12:06:50

Yes! Thanks Alex for the link! I missed that, because I skipped over that section. It is titled 'Older Versions of Datomic Cloud' I am using the latest Datomic cloud and a production topology. This does not appear to apply to me, but in searching for some source of people doing what I'm trying to do it appeared to be the path most traveled. Alex, if you were going to interface with Datomic cloud via a ring handler, how would you deploy your app? I initially wanted to use Ions because I liked the idea of off-loading the work of HA and easy deployment. I have an app that queries and transacts directly with my storage stack on a datomic cloud VPC from outside, but I'm running into major issues getting it to deploy as an Ion. In your expert opinion, what's the best path to move forward? I know it's a subjective question, but I very much need some solid advice. CHEERS!

Patrick Brown14:06:52

I hope I'm not being too dense... HTTP Direct essentially does the work that in prior versions was ionizing a lambda function, so deploying a handler as an Ion is done via :http-direct my-ns/my-handler. So for my specific use case, I'd like to call http-direct, and lambdas don't apply.

Joe Lane14:06:35

I don't understand what problem you're having. Forget about ionize, it's unrelated to :http-direct. Have you gone through the ion-starter project I linked to above?

Patrick Brown14:06:47

Yes, I've deployed it, then made some tweaks and redeployed. Everything is working from the starter project in my cloud stack just fine. My problem came when I tried to move to my application. I had incompatibilities causing failed deploys and the error I got mixed my mind up on where exactly they came from. I may be sorted. I hope I no longer have a knowledge problem, but a code one. It'll take some significant refactoring before I can go from the starter project working to knowing if I'm understanding things right for my specific needs. I do appreciate the help. Things are getting clearer.

Patrick Brown14:06:59

@U0CJ19XAM & @U064X3EF3 Thanks for your support. I was right proper turned around. Once I pin-pointed to issue with my application code, Deploy was as easy as should be expected.

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Patrick Brown12:06:48

HOW TO DEBUG ION DEPLOY ISSUES WITH APPLICATION CODE? Sorry, if I'm monopolizing the space here, but I just have so many questions. When you are trying to troubleshoot deployment problems for Ions, how do you ensure that you get timely and instructive errors? Right now, I go digging through my CloudWatch logs and look for the errors in my specific instance, then if I can make sense of them, I make changes and repeat. This is obviously inefficient and frustrating, but I don't know of a better way. Any ideas or correction on my approach are appreciated! CHEERS!