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(on-prem) I’m seeing messages like this one during an import :

[WARN] [org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.client] - AMQ212054: Destination address=os-xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx.tx-submit is blocked. If the system is configured to block make sure you consume messages on this configuration.
I’m guessing it’s because the transactor is blocking? (using d/transact-async )


when you get responses from transact-async, are you checking them?


some responses indicate backpressure e.g. stop submitting txes

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do you know if there an example of what a message indicating backpressure looks like somewhere? It’s quite a tricky thing to simulate


Hey all, wondering if there's any way to reference the unification set of a variable in a where clause. Something like:

;; more clauses
[?e :attr ?v]
[(count [?v ...]) ?count]
;; more clauses


[(q [:find ?v :in $ ?e :where [?e :attr ?v]] $ ?e) ?vs]
[(count ?vs) ?v-count]
[(identity ?vs) [[?v]]]


Or a function call doing something similar (that may save memory)


Aggregates are very much not datalog’s strength


Usually stuff like this is done in the :find or outside the query altogether


Thanks! I had broken it up into two queries, but I was curious if there was a simpler approach.

Patrick Brown20:05:39

HEY ALL! So, I've got this error that is happening in the middle of a long chain of functions. I'm hoping someone can tell me the root cause, because I'm having a hard time seeing why it started happening. Cheers! Execution error (ExceptionInfo) at datomic.core.error/raise (error.clj:55). :db.error/not-in-system-partition Value of :db.install/attribute must be in :db.part/db partition, found :person/name


Bad transaction data

Patrick Brown20:05:22

Yup, I just arrived to tell people not to worry about me. I dug it out. Thanks @U09R86PA4 for coming quick to the rescue. CHEERS!