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I have a Lambda Datomic Ion. I am trying to use for the API :apigwmanagenebtapi When I do a :GetConnection it results in this error: : Name or service not known. I don’t know how to resolve this. Does anyone have some insight to this/ Thanks!


I can't DNS resolve ; wondering if this is just me


Given the two comments above, I'm wondering if there are general DNS outages going on.


@mfikes we're rolling out a new version of Apologies we are working on the issue right now.

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Maintenance should be complete. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.


@jaret Thanks! Looks like DNS might be good, but I'm seeing a 503 when attempting to pull the artifact

Caused by: org.eclipse.aether.resolution.ArtifactResolutionException: Could not transfer artifact com.datomic:datomic-pro:pom:1.0.6165 from/to  (): status code: 503, reason phrase: Service Unavailable (503)

Robert A. Randolph17:12:54

We're looking into this.


If you go to in a browser, it renders {"message":"Service Unavailable"}


Thanks @mfikes we are still getting everything wired back. Will post back where when fully resolved.

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michele mendel20:12:40

d/datoms for :aevt and :avet looks the same

(d/datoms db {:index :aevt :components [:inv/color]})
(d/datoms db {:index :avet :components [:inv/color]})
(#datom[87960930222155 74 "blue" 13194139533319 true])
(#datom[87960930222155 74 "blue" 13194139533319 true])
Shouldn't :avet be
(#datom[87960930222155 "blue" 74 13194139533319 true])


The index refers to sort order not the structure of the datoms returned


The datoms are always he same

michele mendel20:12:04

I understand, but has the eavt, aevt and avet their own index? Looking at the file system, I only see log.idx.

michele mendel20:12:17

And why do we get the whole color entity (including type and cardinality) for :eavt ?

(d/datoms db {:index :eavt :components [:inv/color]}))

(#datom[74 10 :inv/color 13194139533318 true]
 #datom[74 40 23 13194139533318 true]
 #datom[74 41 35 13194139533318 true])


To your first question: eavt etc are the indexes. Datomic indexes are covering indexes (ie contain all the data they index—they are not merely pointers to a shared pool). Also the indexes are on disk as blocks(nodes) arranged in a b+tree like structure, there is not a 1-1 correspondence to files


To your second: your datom call is asking for the portion of eavt where all E match :inv/color, which in your db resolves to entity 74. So this is exactly what you asked for


You are getting the datoms where E is the color attribute itself


The first datom in that list is establishing the db ident for the entity, [74 :db/ident :inv/color TX true]


10 = the db/ident attribute


Each datom itself doesn't change, it's the iteration order of all datoms that changes between indices @michelemendel


@mfikes service at my.datomic should be restored.

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