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Does bin/datomic ensure-transactor not work for sql storage? When I copy the config/sample/ and run bin/datomic ensure-transactor` i get the error:

bin/datomic ensure-transactor config/samples/ config/samples/ 
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No method in multimethod 'ensure-transactor*' for dispatch value: :sql


No, sql varies a lot. See the sample ddl


There are examples for Postgres and MySQL

Tobias Sjögren08:11:07

What are entity id ranges for the db, tx and user partitions?


Use the d/entid-at function in the peer api to construct some and find out. I’ve been told cloud entity ids may have a different structure


Should trailing _s in where clauses always be elided? e.g., [:find ?e :where [?e :a _]] is always preferred over [:find ?e :where [?e :a]].

Lennart Buit07:11:45

I personally like the underscore. To me it shows that the binding was not forgotten, but it was explicitly ignored.

Drew Verlee02:11:01

Not really. I would use it when you have to e.g [_ ...] Keep in mind, there are 5 elements in that tuple, you are typically ignoring 2.