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Does anyone have any leads or strategies for best practice surrounding merging entities? e.g. Entity A and Entity B, later facts reveal that A is B.


To clarify, Ions code now runs on Java 11 correct?


@jjaws the changelog say yes. But I agree with you that it could be an explicit information.

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is the dev-tools download link not working?

Joe Lane20:07:31

I just tried it, at first gmail didn't want to download the link, but after waiting a few seconds it worked just fine. Does clicking the maven configuration page work for you @jjaws?

Joe Lane20:07:14

The link is a presigned URL specific to your email.


It's working for me now, thx


Looks like 0.9.235 has not been pushed to maven


0.9.232 does download

Joe Lane20:07:03

Are you looking for dev-local or REBL?

Joe Lane21:07:00

dev-local it seems.

Joe Lane21:07:12

Thanks for the heads up

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HI @jjaws You were correct that dev-local 0.9.235 was not pushed to Maven. I’ve just pushed it, so you should be able to get it now.

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