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FYI I forgot to cross post our recent on-prem release here:


Hey guys, Is there an easy way or tool to migrate data from Datomic to MongoDB? Datomic is running on AWS and wanted to migrate the data to DocumentDB (AWS's MongoDB implementation)


Probably not, as Datomic isn't a document database, and Mongo / DocumentDB isn't equipped to handle Datomic data directly, you'll have to decide how to map the data down.


Is there a way to log(like log4j, not datomic log) the transactions to console? I want to log the input to d/transact. The codebase is already setup to use slf4j.


@U381B296Z have you looked over the log api? Is this what you are after? You can see the record of all transaction data in historic order. If I were in your shoes and needed the information you want I would use the log api to review transactions.


If I understood correctly, you want to log the input you're passing from your application to d/transact, correct? If that's the case, you could consider doing something like (alter-var-root! d/transact! fn-where-you-log-before-transact)


Yeah. i was trying to see if i can log it wihtout modifying the source, like by, changing the log level of some ns in datomic stack