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@joe.lane, I created an env in the same vpc as the datomic system, and removed the :creds-profile and :proxy-port keys. Deploying now is giving the following error in the EB logs:

Mar 21 09:21:20 ip-10-213-10-2 web: :data {:cognitect.anomalies/category :cognitect.anomalies/forbidden, :cognitect.anomalies/message Forbidden to read keyfile at . Make sure that your endpoint is correct, and that your ambient AWS credentials allow you to GetObject on the keyfile.}


This is the network configuration of my EB environment:

Instance subnets: subnet-032101d2746e9b351
Public IP address: disabled
VPC: vpc-0eb74ad57465ba9df
Visibility: public
I’ve double checked that the VPC id is the same as that of datomic-humboi-march-2021 in the list of VPCs

Joe Lane15:03:19

@ps what command are you running to get the anomaly exception? “Deploying” isn’t specific enough because I don’t know how your project is “deployed”.


@joe.lane I’m uploading the .jar file from the console ui with the java platform


@joe.lane so even though the beanstalk webserver and the datomic system are in the same vpc, the keys can’t be accessed. Why?


the documentation also mentions that there’s no extra setup required


@joe.lane, @jaret any ideas why the .key files can’t be accessed by the elastic beanstalk env which is in the same vpc as the datomic system?