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Q: the on-prem api supported running datalog queries against regular vectors/maps (instead of the db). 1/ where are those samples? 2/ is this also possible using the client/cloud API?


background: I need a matching api and I’d like to try using datalog instead of core.match

Lennart Buit18:03:21

In peer you can supply a vector of vectors. You can’t in client


thanks. I thought that was the case. shame but core.match will work too


Is there a way to parameterize the pull expression when used in a query? I.e, something like

{:find [(pull ?item ?pull-fields)] … }
(This example does not work)


you can have patterns as :in parameters without the ?


So I can, thank you. So the ? is magic, I just thought it was a part of the symbol name.


Looks fantastic, thanks for all the hard work! Just to clarify, by Lambda runtimes moving to NodeJS, does that mean that lambda the ultimate proxies are now entirely on node? I.e., no more JVM 2s cold starts