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i'm still having an issue with deleting compute or query groups of a datomic cloud system (version 732-8992) the stack hangs on deleting the LambdaSecurityGroup, because it's still attached to ENIs. deleting DatomicLambdaRole fails with:

Cannot delete entity, must delete policies first. (Service: AmazonIdentityManagement; Status Code: 409; Error Code: DeleteConflict; Request ID: bfac688c-d62e-4d52-82ed-625c81837144; Proxy: null)
and DeleteDatomicLambdaEnis fails with:
Failed to delete resource. See the details in CloudWatch Log Stream: 2020/12/22/[$LATEST]d78708ea11a4499193ea28600b96feab
but i couldn't find that log stream, so not sure what does it say. i've asked about it roughly a year ago, but didn't seem to get an answer: does anyone have any suggestions to prevent this happening?


Anybody know if the presto connector can do history queries?


I'm running lots of transactions into a Datomic Solo topology. In the CW logs, I'm seeing an alert logged every few seconds that looks something like the below. Any idea why this would be occurring?

Joe Lane17:12:12

Hey @U083D6HK9, the error here is saying the Indexer was unable to complete a DDB operation to read a newly created index from DDB. I have a hunch that you've saturated your DDB provisioned operations for a Solo Topology.


Would I be able to see that in the DDB metrics?