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Joe Lane00:07:24

@steveb8n What do you think there is that needs to be "ported"?


tbh I haven’t looked into it. I’m pretty sure that datomock depends on the peer api so it can’t be used as is


are you saying there’s a way to “fork” with this new lib?


like many others, I have proxied the client protocol impl to inject datomic free underneath for local/CI use. in that layer I am able to use datomock to great effect. ideally I don’t want to lose that capability because it really speeds up integration tests

Joe Lane00:07:17

I mean, the whole library is ~ 200 lines of clojure, you could probably do it yourself in less than an hour if you wanted to keep using datomock.


that had occurred to me 🙂

Joe Lane00:07:36

I'd have to understand how you use datomock better before I could make any sort of recommendation, but I'd maybe just see how far you get using dev-local


yeah. it’ll be much clearer then. no time to try it now but, when I do, I’ll report back here

Joe Lane00:07:12

I know you've invested already in the indirection but it feels weird to un-indirect datomock, no?


and will share if I port datomock


not sure I grok “un-indirect”?