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Is this a known pull bug?

; schema
#:db {:ident :test/kws :valueType :db.type/keyword :cardinality :db.cardinality/many}
#:db {:ident :test/bools :valueType :db.type/boolean :cardinality :db.cardinality/many}

; then I transact this entity
{:db/ident :my/test1 :test/bools [true false] :test/kws [:yes :no]}

; the I pull it (either in a query or with d/pull
=> (d/pull conn '[*] :my/test1)
{:db/id 17592188897678, :db/ident :my/test1, :test/bools [true], :test/kws [:no :yes]} ; <- false filtered out

; funnier
{:db/ident :my/test2 :test/bools [false]}
=> (d/pull (d/db conn) '[*] :my/test2)
{:db/id 17592188897682, :db/ident :my/test2, :test/bools nil} ; <- a nil


There was something in the changelog about falsiness. Are you on latest datomic?


I’m on 0.9.6045


I have hit two serious bugs(that have already been fixed) while playing with datomic. My conclusion is that is still too immature to be trusted with production critical data. Don't know how some companies get by with it.


So when I do a datomic push it gives me a list of overriden dependencies. However, if I copy and try to use those dependencies in my local project, I get the following error: Could not find artifact com.cognitect:s3-creds:jar:0.1.23 in central. Any idea what that's about?


that dep will be fixed in the next release of ion-dev The internal ion deps overrides shouldn’t present a problem