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Oleh K.01:02:09

hey, I create datomic cloud bucket backups every day, and now I'm trying to restore the data from some point. If I stop datomic instances and just replace bucket's content, I still see the latest data, not only from the , for example, 3 days ago backup. Or to re-create Cloudformation stacks is the only way?

Joe Lane09:02:01

I'm 90% positive you will not be able to restore a datomic cloud instance from s3 backups alone. If you re-create the stack you will likely LOSE the information because you are not taking dynamodb into account with your s3 backups. Dynamodb contains the tx-log, which I'm pretty sure you don't get with the s3 bucket backups alone. Since you currently still have the dynamodb tx-log from today (not truncated to 3 days ago, and I'm not suggesting to truncate it), it makes sense that you are getting back information from today from dynamodb.

Oleh K.15:02:35

Thanks, Joe


EFS also serves as an additional caching layer which might explain why you still see the latest data.

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If you’ve had any failed deploys due to sync-libs failed to complete in 120 seconds Please check out our latest ion-dev release where we have upped the timeout on sync-libs:


Hey Folks, is there a way to tell to datomic to inc a value in the database, based on whatever value it will found there? Context: I just want to inc an attribute value in datomic, without have to inc in application level. I want that to happen in datomic to avoid dealing with concurrence, cas.


not sure if you are doing on-prem vs cloud, but the details differ slightly


there's also a built in cas db fn


that's the same link but for on-prem


Sorry for not saying thank you yesterday. Thank yiu very much for the help 🙂