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i feared as much, only because i'm lazy. 🙂 thanks @joe.lane for confirming.


@joshkh I believe there’s something in the “Understanding & Using Reified Transactions” presentation at - haven’t watched it for a while though, so it may only apply to on-prem (or I might be mixing up videos - but that’s a great one regardless).


@joshkh there’s a nice collection of db fns, which includes fns for reseting to-many rels:


Those use entity API, but are actually quite easy to rewrite with pull API (had to do this even on on-prem, cuz entity API introduced some subtle bugs for our case).


is there a query explorer-type interface for datomic cloud deployments?


I don't think so unfortunately, but note that REBL might give you a lot of the same value prop.


i wrote a little personal-use webapp to interactively explore my data, and planned to release it after christmas along with a guide on deploying containerised datomic cloud apps on AWS. maybe you can help me test it? 🙂


it's a tree-like browser and (so far) supports transacting new values with in-place editing

Joe Lane16:12:06

@mss Can you elaborate on what you mean by "query explorer"?


console, I guess I should say


Got this error when I was upgrading a Solo system from 535-8812 to the latest (

Export with name <datomic-system-name>-CodeBucketPolicyArn is already exported by stack <datomic-system-name>-Compute-1P5MYAP35641W
i have no idea what does it mean. i just deleted a system in the same region earlier and kept the code bucket as documented on the page. i suspect it has something to do with this specific situation, because that stack deletion didn't go completely flawlessly. it was not able to delete a security group because it couldn't delete the ENIs it was referring to, so i had to manually delete them. for now i will just tear the stack down and try to pull up the latest one and reuse the existing storage. at least i will exercise how to do this...

Ike Mawira22:12:42

Hello, i would like to ask if the client pro version should match the specific version of datomic downloaded on my machine. I heard so in a tutorial while i was using datomic-free. Now i have downloaded datomic starter version 0.9.5981 but it seems that the latest version of client pro offered by Maven is 0.9.41. I am getting an error while setting up a repl in intellij and I am not sure if that is the problem.

Dec 15, 2019 12:51:16 AM org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.remoting.impl.netty.NettyConnector createConnection
ERROR: AMQ214016: Failed to create netty connection
	at io.netty.handler.ssl.SslHandler.channelInactive(...)(Unknown Source)

Ike Mawira22:12:35

Its working, seems like i had imported [datomic.api] instead of [datomic.client.api] for my case.


@shaun-mahood thanks for the video link, i'll check it out. and thanks to you too, @fjolne.yngling. transaction functions are the way forward.


out of curiosity, do folks here ever find themselves battling the 120 second sync-libs error when deploying Ions with "large" dependencies -- for example, the AWS-SDK or some Apache java library?