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Is com.cognitect/transit-clj still at version {:mvn/version "0.8.285"} in Ions? Any chance of getting it updated? At least to 0.8.313 which is what client-cloud depends on.


is there a workaround for datomic.extensions/< not being variadic? Is there a better way than adding multiple clauses when trying to exclude date ranges from a result via a query?

Luke Schubert13:12:35

Is there a way to run the datomic transactor on windows? I consistently get an error on startup that the input line is too long which appears to be related to classpath construction?

Luke Schubert13:12:22

I have previously been using WSL which works fine for me, but I'm scripting out running local environments for our testers and they all run windows and I'd rather not have to have them all install WSL

Joe Lane13:12:43

Windows historically has had an issue with java classpath lengths being too long. I have no idea if fixing this will allow you to run the transactor on windows, but it may not be a datomic specific issue, rather a windows+java issue.

Luke Schubert13:12:42

ah rats that means I'm going to probably have to go about this the harder way.


One trick for getting around this is to write the classpath into a jar manifest then run the jar with java -jar


(the “runner” jar has nothing in it but a manifest with a classpath)

Luke Schubert13:12:20

is there an upper limit on the java version for a transactor?

Luke Schubert13:12:24

Because another solution as I understand could be to build a classpath file instead of the CP_LIST


there are some speculative generic fixes for this for clj on windows


not sure if that applies here


maybe you're not using clj so it doesn't matter

Luke Schubert14:12:46

what I'm trying to do is run bin/transactor.cmd in a script to start a transactor


I was told by Marshall I think (although I saw nothing official) that java11 is supported

Luke Schubert14:12:44

I think I'm just going to go down the path of windows users are going to have to have wsl.


your “classpath file” can be the jar with manifest.

Luke Schubert14:12:59

actually yeah, you're right, I like that much better.

Luke Schubert14:12:08

Thanks for all the help


build CP_LIST with spaces instead of colons, write to a file, like Class-Path: CP_LIST then jar cfm cplist.jar Manifest.txt


actually you can just distribute the jar by itself, since that classpath isn’t going to change


I’m debugging a colleague’s valcache setup - is there a function to see what the current config that datomic has loaded and understood?


seems like it’s ignoring the JVM options that are being passed to it.


@datomic.config/properties-ref guess this, thanks anyway

em18:12:41 Could be interesting for Datomic Ions! Wondering about if HTTP direct could be supported too, though lambda works out of the box


Hi., I'm trying to upgrade to the latest stoarge and compute stack in Datomic Cloud (569-8835). I repeatedly get this error on the storage upgrade: Modifying service token is not allowed.. I have created and assigned a role for CloudFormationFullAccess to my user, and also attempted this with my root user. Get the same error. I have been told by Cognitect that this is an IAM problem but when I had it the last time I made these changes to IAM and fixed the problem. Can anyone give me a pointer as to what to do now? Thanks.