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has anyone run into an issue where a "local/root" dependency will not be included in the zip file when doing a push? I'm getting a class not found error on deploy for one of the namespaces in a local root and when I unzipped the s3 asset it turned out that the source files are not being pulled into the build. I can compile and execute the code locally , so I'm at a loss for what's going on. There are also other local/root dependencies that are being included in the build.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)01:11:19

local dep deps.edn changes may not force a recompute (at least in clj in general, not sure exactly about push). you might try using -Sforce


thanks! I'm not at my work computer so will let you know how it goes tomorrow


no luck 😞 even tried cloning the repo again to a new directory.


any reason the datomic ions dev code couldn't be open sourced? This would make debugging problems like this at last tractable instead of poking random buttons of the opaque box.


Figured out a way around this for now - to compile the app:

mkdir classes 
clj -A:dev -e "(compile 'user-settings.core)"
;; add "classes" to deps.edn :paths
I have no idea why ions push is not working but the local/root deps are all in the classes and the deploy is now working. This seems like a bug.


I think only the files in the default class path are pushed, not paths in aliases. Maybe that could be it?


Thanks for the reply. Good call, unfortunately this is in the main :deps map


Also, the compile strategy stopped working and deploy was trying to run some very old version of the app. I'm not sure how this is happening or how I'm the first to run into this..


OMG... it turned out to be that the local/root project did not have a :paths [] set. Add this :paths ["src"] got the dep to be included in the push....


Figured it out because other local deps were being included just fine but they had :paths set.


@stuarthalloway As mentioned in person: Two nice-to-haves for the datomic cloud client api: - some system generated unique value identifying a Datomic database so the application can confirm the database it's connecting to (say, a database with a particular db-name has been deleted and another created with the same name: I'd like to be able to detect that at an application level for things like automated testing) - a way to map t value to tx eid, say I have a database, which returns a t value, I'd like to also know what tx that corresponds to.


when i was looking into how to get the uri of a database object i found this:

(.-db_id ^datomic.peer.Connection conn)
=> "m13n-8ba32b12-7f6e-4d64-bf95-f3e32c95d589"
im wondering if that uuid is actually such a db id u were talking about


@jaret Looking forward to seeing you at the Conj! As an aside, what's the current story with AWS integration testing with CodeDeploy/CodeBuild and cross-region S3 buckets? Is that still busticated? (Not that I consider it a Cognitect thing: I fully place that on AWS silliness.)


Still busticated in the sense you have to copy to a bucket in each region as far as I am aware. > AWS CodeDeploy performs deployments with AWS resources located in the same region. To deploy an application to multiple regions, define the application in your target regions, copy the application bundle to an Amazon S3 bucket in each region, and then start the deployments using either a serial or parallel rollout across the regions.


I can double check with team and aws rep


That would be AWSome. Feel free to invoke "our paying customers are (im)patiently waiting for this" on my behalf.


Cheers. There are somethings that I really like about immutability: AWS immutability with respect to this issue is not one of them 😉

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I've been getting some AWS emails about Nodejs 8.10 begin deprecated/removed in early 2020. I see that Datomic Cloud stuff spun up with the most recent versions of the templates includes Nodejs 8.10 runtimes. Is there going to be a release sometime soon that will include a newer runtime?


its in the pipeline, waiting for AWS to approve/ship it

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Hope everyone on the Datomic team has a great time at the Conj - wish I could be there! I found a bad link on the docs - has a link to which doesn't seem to exist.