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Does anyone know what caused such an error when trying to create a new database in Datomic?

Unhandled clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo
   Error communicating with HOST on PORT 4334
Caused by org.apache.activemq.artemis.api.core.ActiveMQNotConnectedException
The transactor has been started with no errors using local Postgres. The PG’s database and user exist.


The most common cause for this is misconfigured host and alt-host in your transactor properties file


okay, so i got past my issue with not being able to download from by changing it to https:. Now it downloads everything but get stuck on com.datomic:java-io:jar:0.1.11. here’s my deps. all other datomic artifacts downloaded

Joe Lane19:10:52

@matthewdaniel What AWS Region are you in? Are you trying to perform this action locally or in an aws codebuild (Or something like it)?


locally. my deploy is going to be going to us-east-2 but even when i try aws s3 cp . i’m unable to get the file.


and the above worked for all other jar/pom files

Joe Lane19:10:41

Ah, dang I was thinking it was a different issue I know the answer to. What does "get stuck on..." mean? Do you have a stacktrace?


pretty sure it is stuck from the file not existing like the rest.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:10:04

I don't think there is a com.datomic/java-io 0.1.11

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:10:10

I would be interested to know what your original exception was

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:10:23

any chance you could roll back and do clj -Sdeps '{:aliases {:v {:verbose true}}}' -A:v:dev -Stree and attach the output as a file here?


@alexmiller what do you mean by roll back


here are the deps but i didn’t rollback

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:10:30

how are you getting the tree if you're failing to get the deps?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:10:31

that tree is showing com.datomic/java-io 0.1.14 - why were you trying to get 0.1.10?


i’m not sure. i ran your command to get the tree and i ran clojure -Adev -m '{:op :push :creds-profile "default" :region "us-east-2" :uname "test1"}' and got the other message. i haven’t changed anything


would a rollback fix things? I’m new to this so not sure why i’d get different dep warnings based on what i typed into the terminal

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:10:15

different aliases will affect what classpath you're building

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:10:32

I'm trying to get to the point where you are having an error to figure out why you are having it


sorry i’m not being more helpful but i’m not following well. All i’ve done basically is add a deps.edn file and ion-config.edn file and tried to push. it starts downloading a bunch of deps and tips over on the java-io one. would it help to rm my maven repository and push again?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:10:44

what you posted above doesn't seem to hit that, so not sure what the problem is


when i ran the above it output something like “downloading … ion-dev” and many other files. Those were created in .m2/repository path.


rm -rf ~/.m2/repository caused a widescale download. it did download java-io 1.14 but failed later on java-io 1.11


i really appreciate the effort to help

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:10:38

I mean originally you were using s3 url and something didn't work that sent you down this path. what error were you getting at the beginning?


in the very beginning i was getting a problem downloading com.datomic/ion from the deps.


Running into this while trying to deploy via CodeDeploy. UnknownError just shows Access Denied when expanded. What would cause this?


Oh…I somehow deleted the S3 bucket containing the revision picard-facepalm


Well, the IAM policy for that bucket, not the bucket itself. Hence the Access Denied.


@matthewdaniel Do you have valid AWS credentials in the environment where you retrieve the deps? I think I encountered something like it in the past and this was the issue (even though the s3 maven repo is public, you need some credentials)


i entered my credentials into the .m2/settings.xml and it did not help. I am however able to download all packages if i use the https endpoints for the files. It just seems that i now have a deps issue where it is downloading a version of java-io from datomic that doesn’t exist. Even if i try to aws s3 cp for the file i’m unable to get it.


when i do clj -Adev -m '{:op :push :creds-profile "default" :region "us-east-2" :uname "test1"}' it downloads maybe a hundred files and one of them is java-io 1.14 but then much later in the process i get the following error


 "{:op :push :creds-profile \"default\" :region \"us-east-2\" :uname \"test1\"}",
   "Failed to read artifact descriptor for com.datomic:java-io:jar:0.1.11",
   :class ArtifactDescriptorException}
   "Could not transfer artifact com.datomic:java-io:pom:0.1.11 from/to datomic-cloud (): Forbidden (403)",
   :class ArtifactResolutionException}
   "Could not transfer artifact com.datomic:java-io:pom:0.1.11 from/to datomic-cloud (): Forbidden (403)",
   :class ArtifactTransferException}
  {:message "Forbidden (403)", :class HttpResponseException})}


@dmarjenburgh @alexmiller well, i cheated and renamed and copied .m2/repository 1.14 into 1.11 and it carried on its downloads pass the break and successfully pushed. 😳:man-shrugging: thank you for your help. since i’m only at the initial stage for starting a side project i’ll just see if i can carry on without doing it the right way for now.