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@jaret the Changes link on for "datomic-free-0.9.5703.21" is broken. curious - why does pro not also have a release of this version? ah, i see that pro has a far newer version! will free get all the new tech at some point?

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adding my perspective: I’m already paying for Cloud Solo and will soon pay for Cloud Prod but I still use free in my deps.edn to keep things simple. I know that I can add the creds etc and depend on the pro version but I like simple since deps are already full of complexity. However I still want all the new stuff in dev. My 2c


I’ve written already to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> and @jaret. I’m also a paying customer of On-Prem Pro for several years. Hopefully we get any answer soon.

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We are considering different options for Datomic Free, and would love to hear more about your use cases. You can share your use cases with me via <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>. Alexander, I’ve just replied to your Sales e-mail.

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Is there a public answer to this question? I am also quite interested.


As a pro and cloud user, it's very frustrating do not have free version for tooling/prototype


Is it common that installing Datomic Cloud Solo fails? (`The following resource(s) failed to create: [Storage...]. . Rollback requested by user.`) I’ve followed instructions carefully 3 times. Each time, I delete the previous attempt and change the CloudFormation stack name. My account’s definitely “VPC only”.


I’ve read the troubleshooting guide, looked at the following thread, etc...


look at the failed stack


you’ll have to select “failed” or “deleted” in the cloud formation dashboard


then look for the Storage stack


Find the first thing that failed so you can determine what the cause was


Ahhh thanks! Ok, looks like I need to give my account privileges to perform lambda:CreateFunction. Will do… Very helpful, thanks again.


(Before, I only looked at the failed stacks. But naturally I needed to look at the deleted stacks…)


Is it ok to call d/client multiple times without memoizing?


any update on this forum post? we seem to be experiencing the same problem.


Hi @U0GC1C09L , Just saw this post, Yes Gal and I resolved that issue after identifying a problematic query and optimizing the query for most selective clauses first. If you’re seeing this issue we can investigate further in the support portal as the error could be the result of several issues, not just query. emailing <mailto:[email protected]|suppo[email protected]> will start a case and we can begin reviewing.


Any advice on how to approach / solve the backend reporting function in a Datomic focused architecture? For the SQL world, it is common to expose a db replica to business analysts who then leverage 3rd party tools like tableau or periscope or looker and query the domain schema w sql. I don't think any of these services support datomic directly. Allowing teams to explore datomic can be viewed as a non-starter in not-small orgs with an established BI infrastructure like this w/o a good answer to this side of the system. Has anyone here dealt with this?


You could write a program that subscribes to the Datomic TX log writing the data to a SQL database (as you see fit) and leverage existing BI infra. I'm interested in this too. Would love to see other ideas.


We have a system which ETLs data to SQL for Metabase to use. This is because we're multi-tenant and we wanted to be totally sure that access is controlled in Metabase (we write a SQL db per client). We're exploring for internal stuff at the moment.

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