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Mark Addleman12:08:07

Trying to use ions cast/event on a local desktop environment and am getting

Syntax error (IllegalArgumentException) compiling at (src/mtz/server/email/core.clj:46:3).
No implementation of method: :-event of protocol: #'datomic.ion.cast.impl/Cast found for class: nil
What am I doing wrong?

Mark Addleman13:08:10

Oh, the calling code is (cast/event {:msg (str "Starting " daemon-name)})

Joe Lane13:08:21

@UAMEU7QV7 All examples of my cast/event calls are using a string value as my :msg value.

(cast/event {:msg  "VerifyAuthChallengeTrigger"
                 ::correct  correct?})

Joe Lane13:08:48

I've never seen one with (str "Starting " daemon-name). Maybe the right thing is to attach the daemon-name as a namespaced keyword and pick a static string as the :msg text?


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