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I'm just trying to get Datomic Console running against a local dev transactor -- but whenever I hit localhost:8080/browse, I get a Jetty 503. I noticed this nasty exception in the Datomic logs. Does anyone recognize it?


Running on OSX, datomic-pro-0.9.5930 with datomic-console-0.1.216 installed


Figured it out -- missed the meaning of this text at The Datomic Console is included in the Datomic Pro distribution. Datomic Free users can download it below. = installing this old version on top of a Datomic Pro release will break the console. Reinstalled Datomic to undo the damage, console is working fine now :thumbsup:


^ Scratch the report on datomic-pro 0.9.5951 failing to download -- couldn't repro after blowing away my .m2, so guessing it was something odd on local.

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