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Hi, I'm trying to follow the datomic tutorial and connect to a running datomic server. But the following code gives an exception Execution error (ExceptionInfo) at datomic.client.api.async/ares (async.clj:58). No subject alternative names present error

(require [datomic.client.api :as dc]))

(def config {:server-type :peer-server
             :access-key "myaccesskey"
             :secret "mysecret"
             :endpoint ""})

(defn connect! []
  (let [client (dc/client config)]
    (dc/connect client {:db-name "hello"})))

I'm using the latest version of datomic-pro-starter 0.9.5930

Michael Griffiths10:07:05

Maybe try localhost instead of


I've tried latest versions of AdoptJDK's OpenJDK 11, 12, 8 with no success. Running on MacOS.


=> (pst)
ExceptionInfo No subject alternative names present {:cognitect.anomalies/category :cognitect.anomalies/fault, :cognitect.anomalies/message "No subject alternative names present", :cognitect.http-client/throwable #error {
 :cause "No subject alternative names present"
   :message "No subject alternative names present"
   :at [ createSSLException "" 131]}
   :message "No subject alternative names present"
   :at [ matchIP "" 137]}]


I want to reference an entity with a tempid for :db/id for different datoms. Is this possible?


if you talk about the same tempid in different datoms within a transaction, it will end up becoming the same entity when the transaction commits


@pvillegas12 [[:db/add TEMPID a v t] [:db/add something-else a TEMPID]]


^ create an entity and point to it -- in the same tx


[{:db/id "tempA" ....}  
 {:db/id [:lookup/ref 42]
  :points/to "tempA"}]

Drew Verlee23:07:48

So you can't upgrade a "solo" running Datomic stack? > This upgrade process converts your Master Template Stack to the setup described in the Production Setup documentation.

Drew Verlee23:07:11

I ask because i'm just currently using my setup to learn and i'm assuming the production setup is more expensive.

Joe Lane00:07:47

You cant downgrade


you can upgrade it no problem


you can also move from solo -> prod topology

Drew Verlee00:07:03

both of those would seem to be true, but the docs imply that you can upgrade from solo -> solo

Drew Verlee00:07:12

upgrade the CTVersion

Drew Verlee00:07:21

the goal here is to get the newer features


yes the templates are public


just got a version bump a few days ago


yesterday maybe


I am testing the latest release on a dev cluster before rolling it out to prod in a few days

Drew Verlee00:07:18

so does "upgrading" in the docs i link refer to moving from solo->prod, and not changing template versions?

Drew Verlee00:07:24

or put another way, if i just wanted the latest features for my solo topology. what would i do 🙂


@U0DJ4T5U1 if it’s your first upgrade, just follow the steps in Storage template is the same for both Solo and Production as far as i know. Just choose Solo for the Compute template.

Drew Verlee12:07:28

But your have to choose a larger instance, I assume overall this is more money per month

Jacob O'Bryant13:07:14

@U0DJ4T5U1 I did the "first upgrade ever" (stayed on solo), and my datomic set up currently consists of a t2.small and a t2.nano instance--I think this was the same as before, but I don't remember. What instances do you have right now? In any case, my monthly aws billing estimate is still the same (though I only upgraded ~1 week ago)

Joe Lane13:07:41

@U0DJ4T5U1 Maybe the language is overloaded when discussing "upgrading" (transitioning) from a solo topology to a production topology. If we use the word "upgrading" to mean getting latest features (version increment) it is absolutely possible to "version increment" a running solo system while keeping it a solo topology, i've done it a dozen times.

Drew Verlee01:07:23

thanks everyone. i understand now that i can still choose the solot topology and have done so. Currently i'm not seeing the option to reuse existing storage as specified here: