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what is the best way to use websockets in datomic cloud, just like in datomic with sente?


@dlorencic1337 API Gateway recently announced WS support: I haven’t tried it myself yet, but it seems like a promising ion integration. I was planning on experimenting with it using Cognitect’s aws-api lib: David recently added support for the ApiGatewayManagementApi.

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yeah I have heard that news message but didnt find of any tutorials on how to implement it with websockets


thats why I asked, thank you man!


I am curious because I have read that the Transaction Report Queue is only available with the peer inteface


how would you then go ahead to building an alternative that notifies the api gateway on changes?


I was thinking it might be possible to wrap transact! by reading the resulting :tx-data and placing it into a queue (maybe SQS or even a core.async channel). Then some other process would actually interface with APIGW. Build your own report queue basically.


ok interesting.


I will look into it


@stuarthalloway @jaret what do i need to do to get an existing database to use the new tuple stuff? transactor and peer are both on the new version. i can make a new database and transact tuple attrs, via the same peer, transactor and storage. i can't transact any tuple attrs to the existing database - it complains that :db/tupleAttrs doesn't exist.


Oh there is a typo in that anchor link ^ I am going to fix that.


thanks @jaret - suggestion 🙂 include this bit of news in any blog post that announces features 👍

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I'm still gettin

  {org.clojure/clojure #:mvn{:version "1.9.0"} ...
when I {:op :push} I just deployed a fresh cloudformation today using 480-8770 both solo and storage.

Joe Lane19:07:42

Are you running with clojure 1.9 in your code base?


1.10.1 in my deps.edn