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I mean, the client is the same API for both on-prem and cloud IIRC


question about query groups and "planning your system" on ions. the diagram here [1] suggests different query groups for each stage (dev/stg/prod) of some application, and each stage is running a different code deploy revision. does each query group have a different application name? and if so, how can i deploy different revisions to query groups of the same system without updating and committing my ion-config.edn's app-name: [query group name] to point to each query group? [1]


Your query groups will get their own CodeDeploy application names. When you deploy, you'll give that name to indicate with query group to deploy to. Query groups can indeed run different revisions.


does $GROUP become the name of the app stage query group, such as my-app-stg, rather than the main compute group? clojure -A:dev -m '{:op :deploy :rev $(REV) :group $(GROUP)}'


wait that's not right, $GROUP needs to be a compute group