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I’m trying to get a mental model on how to hook up CI with cljs with Ions. Does Ions push rely on a Git (& .gitignore) if uname is specified or is it more a snapshot on what’s in the directory?


Ignore me, I can of course try this locally 😇


Hi @lanejo01. I am working on writing a provider for HTTP Direct.

Joe Lane17:05:39

What about the existing providers is failing to meet your needs? Does pedestal.ions library not work for some reason?


I have not gotten it to work for me.


@kardan I do clj -A:cljsbuild ## outputs app.js aws s3 cp app.js echo $CURRENT_COMMIT > resources/js-ref git commit ... clj -A:ions ...

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@lanejo01 I am trying a simple test again.


I have made progress, I'm not writing my own provider but I do need an interceptor for BufferedInputStream.


The Datomic Cloud schema change docs ( include this caveat: > We don't recommend repurposing an old :db/ident, but if you find you need to re-use the name for a different purpose, you can define the name again as described in attribute-definition. This repurposed :db/ident will cease to point to the entity it was previously pointing to and ident will return the newly installed entity instead. Are there any known issues with re-use other than bad practice?