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Aaron Cummings01:05:00

Reasons I heard for not using Datomic Cloud (all on a single 30 minute meeting): Never heard of it. The DBA team won't be able to help you. We won't be able to hire for that. That's not a real database. Functional programming is trending downwards anyway. :face_with_rolling_eyes:

Drew Verlee03:05:25

New ideas tend to the a long time to settle in. Which, is a good thing. If it's really worth the effort, keep trying. I tend to think you get the most milage by explainig the generally ideas behind existing tech first. demonstrate mastery over what your using now and people will come to trust you.

Drew Verlee03:05:59

Fp is trending up, it's just being tacked on to oop languages. Which again, is ok. We're not here to win language wars.


Look at the bright side: your competitors are likely to think like that.

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Aaron Cummings11:05:13

Thanks for allowing me to gripe. 🙂 I have a small, isolated application that would be a great place to trial Datomic, but my IT folks have been reluctant to approve anything that isn't a vanilla AWS offering. I'll keep pushing on it though.


I've approached the subject by talking about Datomic as an application that runs on top of dynamo, rather than a database itself in the past. Maybe framing it in those terms might make it easier to understand? Also be sure to mention that as an application it's convenient to deploy, as it all comes via a CloudFormation configuration, which also may be more familiar.

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Mark Addleman15:05:25

A while ago a little bird mentioned that tuple support was coming to Datomic (Cloud?). Any update on that?

Joe Lane15:05:57

Hey friends, has anyone used a multimethod for their transaction function in cloud?

Mark Addleman16:05:05

Hi. What's the issue you're running into?

Joe Lane16:05:10

I ended up going with a different approach so its a moot point now.

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Joe Lane16:05:49

There was no issue, I was just hoping someone would say they had done it before. Didn’t want to invest the time trying it only to find out it didn’t work.

Drew Verlee22:05:29

How would we go about defining a relationship in datomic. E.g my parents brother is my uncle?

Joe Lane22:05:34

rules is the first thing that comes to mind.

Joe Lane22:05:48

defining a rule as a predicate

Daniel Hines12:05:20

@U0CJ19XAM, you mean something like this, right:

[(is-uncle ?me ?uncle)
 [?parent :child ?me]
 [?parent :brother ?uncle]]

Daniel Hines12:05:12

That rule wouldn’t be a merely a predicate, because it needs bindings, right?

Daniel Hines12:05:34


[(is-uncle [?me] [?uncle])
 [?parent :child ?me]
 [?parent :brother ?uncle]]
is merely a predicate, because you must bind each variable. Just trying to get my head around what I can express and how.


Yeah, it’s complicated and I’ve had to try to train myself not to think of these as predicates, but rather things that express a relation


In your first example you could bind ?uncle and then find all of the nephews


So the name is-uncle is a bit deceptive


In your second example, I’m pretty sure the syntax is actually (is-uncle [?me ?uncle]), BTW

Joe Lane19:05:44

I agree with tim on the last syntax point.