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What do you use to automate the datomic ion push, deploy, and deploy-status checks in an automated pipeline? Do you parse the output of the cli commands manually?


@danie Great! 👍:skin-tone-3: I was trying to call ion-dev code from clojure, but without docs or source code I feared it's not a public api. Also, calling it from windows gave me git issues, but it works on unix


Is there a minimum amount of RAM for running the transactor and the peer? Would they run on a droplet with 1gb of ram?


I am getting this error: ExceptionInfo Two datoms in the same transaction conflict: {:d1 #datom[158 40 20 13194139533328 true], :d2 #datom[158 40 23 13194139533328 true]} clojure.core/ex-info (core.clj:4739) How do I troubleshoot this?


Nvm, I figured it out.