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How would I pass the proxy host when calling client? I only see a way to pass the :proxy-port:


the proxy host is always localhost (for the socks proxy script)


Why does it have to be? What if my service is running in a docker locally and I’m running the socks proxy locally? The docker can’t connect to it because it assumes localhost. The host should be host.docker.internal.


Having the ability to set the proxy host would solve this problem.


New to Datomic Cloud, I cannot find this log entry:


(cast/event {:msg "SQS Lambda invoked" ::json input})


cast sends messages/events to the cloudwatch stream for your datomic system:


I'm stuck on "Click on the Log group". I don't have that log group.


I filed a support ticket with more details, I think the CloudFormation went awry.


Hello, we are using Datomic Cloud in production and looking to start making use of IONs. We got a couple of questions we need some help on.


1. We currently run multiple Datomic Cloud installs one for each of our code environments test, dev, stage, prod. It's was brought up that maybe this isn't the ideal way to handle this. Instead it's suggested that maybe we should be using 1 install and use different db's and query groups to allow for multiple environments in a single Datomic Cloud install. Anyone have any insights on the suggestion of a single Datomic Cloud install to service multiple environments?


2. Assuming the Clojure code deployed in an ION requires an system level dependency (a linux specific library or installed cli application) how do we install that in the EC2 instance that ION is deployed to?


@ozanzal regarding #1 - either is fine, the decision probably depends on your specific isolation and resource sharing requirements. I’d tend to keep prod as a separate system itself and potentially run stage/qa as a merged system, and let developers have individual query groups or solo systems for dev

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@ozanzal #2 is not supported, you'll have to hack it yourself to achieve that to overcome whatever they have in place to prevent it,

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or be a nice citizen and use lambdas


Thanks y'all!