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This is a problem for anyone who has a library that uses logback 1.1.4 or greater and introspecs a Logger instance. This forces us back to logback 1.1.3 (as per which was released 03/24/2015 - over 3 years ago 😬


Hello all, I'm following the on-prem "getting started" guide to, well, "get started" on datomic, with the end goal of migrating a side project app to ions later. When starting my repl I get Could not find artifact com.datomic:client-pro:jar:0.9.5786 in central (). Here's my ~/.m2/settings.xml file:

<settings xmlns=""
      <username>[email protected]</username>
And my deps.edn file:
 {some-other-libs {:mvn/version "blah"}
  com.datomic/client-pro {:mvn/version "0.9.5786"}
 {"" {:url ""}
For some reason I can't see what I did wrong, "it" doesn't seem to try fetching the dependency from "" but rather gets stuck after not finding it on maven central. Can anyone help?


p.s. I gotta go to work, I'll check-in later, so I think a thread is appropriate for grouping answers, yes?


Hi, we are going to run Datomic with Postgres as a backend and our sysadmin is wondering which of the two to back up? At the datomic level or doing a pg_dump ? what would you advise?


Datomic backups


a postgres backup will not guarantee a working datomic database, as postgres does not know about datomic transactions etc


we do datomic backups too.


ok, thank you for the advice!


Hey @marshall @jaret... a few months ago i was posting to the channel talking about transaction timeout issues... Finally i figured it out and just wanted to point out what the issue was. Transaction functions! I was trying to ensure that a particular entity type had a unique name/type combo, and my transaction function would do a lookup for the name/type. The function would get called sometimes a few thousand times in a minute and i guess it created a bottleneck.