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An audit/accounting firm has approached us looking for a centralized alternative to Blockchain, and my first thought has been Datomic (immutability). I have shallow understanding of Blockchain, so do you have links/use cases where Datomic could solve what Blockchain does. Thanks in advance.


I think a centralized blockchain defeats it’s purpose, it’s then just a database and as such, Datomic would be a good option. Namely due to immutability as you yourself mention

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If distributed / trustless control is not a requirement, there's probably hardly any use case than won't be better served by Datomic than by a blockchain


Note that immutability is not a particularly exotic need in data management - most use cases need it, but most people are just accustomed to accepting the fact that traditional databases don't match this need very well

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We stopped overriding our production code by FTPing the source to the server without version control systems. Maybe we will stop doing that for our data too 🙂

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haha, well put. Don't you miss those days though?


"give me all accounts whose order values sum up to more than $1000" Is that a thing you can do with a single query? Can I aggregate values directly in the where clause to be used in a subsequent predicate?


I would use a nested query for that @idiomancy


oh, okay TIL


huh, I see, basically by calling a query from within the query itself, you're ensuring the work is done directly on the read peer.


Blockchain and Datomic both run compute in the application, so you can query them together!


I think I need some dots connected on that one


I think that was related to an earlier question

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Hi all, I’m using on-prem and trying to find a way to automate deleting a db on dev so I can restore from prod daily backup. I do this manually with the repl shipped with datomic. Running a script with ansible would be perfect. Feels like overkill to create a clojure project just for this small task. any suggestions?

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Is there a way to get the SHA or uname of the deployed Ions on a Datomic system?


Q: are we able to use Clojure v1.10 in an Ions project? What controls which versions we can use?