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What's the proper way to backup a Datomic Cloud database? I started down the route of trying to restore from a Dynamo snapshot, create a new storage stack, then update the existing compute stack to use that new storage stack system.


Cloud databases are redundantly stored on multiple storages that are themselves redundant. There is not (currently) a backup/restore as with On-Prem.


However it doesn't look like that will work as I was originally thinking.


@eggsyntax I don't see how you can do that via Datalog, but maybe you can use the index API to that end. Also, have you set up memcached on your local machine ? You can get a lot of speedup with no extra code this way


Yeah, I think indexes end up being the way to go here. Thanks! I just started on a new team recently, so I haven't tried to set up memcached yet, but definitely planning to. I haven't tried before to put it between my local machine and a remote DB (which is what I'm querying in this case) -- but it seems like that would be possible?


It is totally possible - it's just a matter of starting your local REPL with the right JVM option (and the memcached server started somewhere else on your machine)


Thanks Val, I appreciate it 🙂


Is there a best practice solution for importing data from a large CSV file residing in an S3 bucket into Datomic Cloud? I currently use iota ( in combination with tesser ( to read from a local file and parallel process chunks.


I'm just getting started with tools.deps + Datomic Ions today. Where should I post issues or unintuitive things as I find them so they will be useful to others?


You can send them to me (<mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>) or if you think it would make a good community post, you can share it on our forums.


@ Thanks! I think this first one is more tools.deps specific, where should that go? I saw there's no "issues" section on the GitHub repo


Jira is linked from the or readme


Does anyone have any examples of running the socks proxy script on CircleCI?