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Petrus Theron10:09:13

Is Datomic a good choice for IoT time series sensor readings? Esp. for intermittent connectivity, where a sensor might only connect once a day.

Mark Addleman17:09:39

We use Datomic for time series monitoring data from software environments. We are pretty pleased with the result. We store 300k+ metric streams of data every 30 minutes.

Mark Addleman17:09:06

We encode each 30 minute metric timeslice as a b64 compressed string.

Mark Addleman17:09:01

I’m familiar with infrequent metric streams (like you describe) and I can’t see why that would be a problem. Does the sensor report a series of data points or a single point when it connect?


we are migrating from client to ions, but in the meantime we need to let our code run on elastic beanstalk for a while to give clients the opportunity to move to api gateway (we can't keep url's the same). Now, we have a codebuild project setup for the elastic beanstalk that creates a docker container, but I'm wondering what are the exact credential requirements for being able to download the ion jar from s3?


can we fix this with iam instance profiles on the build server?


Hmmm, nevermind, I should remove that dependency from the deps.edn profile that tries to create the beanstalk build


I probably need to handle this a layer up in my app stack, but: there’s no effective way to put a datomic connection into read-only mode, is there?