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The “builtin” query aggregators and functions match on a symbol with no namespace


Like count, sample, get-else, missing?


before i continue down the road of a custom migration tool, does Cognitect ever plan on supporting a feature to copy/clone a Datomic Cloud database?


Well, even if they do, could you wait until the arbitrary point in time when it is released?


that's the reason i'm asking. if the feature was around the corner then i'd make do.


..but can't avoid it forever 😉


thanks @. i guess i'm just curious if copying/cloning a database will ever be a cloud supported feature 🙂




There's a feature request app you could check. Try this page then clicking on the 'feature request' button.


If you want to just copy/clone (not do a migration), isn’t the implementation basically just: 1. Create new DB with the same schema, 2. Write a loop that sources data from one and transacts it to the other.


Hi, i'm trying to upgrade a Cloud 402, system to the latest version, and follwing the 'first upgrade ever' instructions. The stack deletion failed because it looks like the TxGroupRole still has policies attached. Is it ok to fix this by hand? and retry the deletion?


Solved, the problem, looks like the delete is only pulling off the policies that were added via the stack creation, the policies i added by hand were gumming up the works. Might be a useful FYI for the docs, and.or perhaps a future rev can grab the full list of policies and remove them


Thanks! I didn’t think of that. I’ll add it to the first upgrade docs. It shouldn’t be a problem for upgrades after that point


quick question, I'd like to match an attribute's value if it exists, and nil if it doesn't. Tried or'ing my clause with a missing but that makes datalog frown lol because of the var mismatch. or-join doesn't help as I need the value

(or [?o :otuabund/accepted ?a]
         [(missing? $ ?o :otuabund/accepted )])
I've a query aggregate function that looks at the collection of these and returns a value based on if they say they're all true, false, mixed, or 'missing'


get-else with a sentinel value


nil seems to be toxic to datalog, i always use sentinels instead


[(get-else $ ?o :outabund/accepted :missing) ?a] for example


ah, that's simple. in the meantime, i realized it was better modeled with enums anyway , but will keep that in my back pocket


random question, :db/index is automatic in Cloud? I've a schema generator dusted off and I just realized it wasn't adding it to schema atttributes, and of course it blew up, when i added it


Yeah. It's always on in Cloud.