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Datomic Platonic16:03:39

does re-transacting the same schema on top of an old one cause any damage? on client-pro 0.8.14 it causes the number of datoms to increase even though contents are same...

Datomic Platonic16:03:09

our second question is how to connect the peer api to a sql-backed server: we're getting a :db.error/unsupported-protocol :sql error

Datomic Platonic16:03:26

(we have been able to succesfully connect to the same sql-backed peer server using the client api, though)


Your datoms increase because new transactions are being recorded, transactions being themselves entities


by the map response, I don't think new schema datoms are being added or replaced, I just see a new tx datom


Of course, an expert here needs to verify this 😉


so no damage is my guess

Datomic Platonic17:03:59

@devicesfor interesting, our understanding was that if you transacted [user :likes 🍕] twice, the number of log/history datoms would increase but the number of datoms in the (d/db conn) current db would stay the same... confusedparrot


You get an additional transaction entity


which would have a txInstant


so at least 1 more datom


but if your schema is exactly the same, Datomic’s redundancy elimination would remove any other datoms

Datomic Platonic17:03:28

@marshall interesting... thanks

Datomic Platonic17:03:50

@marshall do you know if the datomic-free api can connect to the sql backend peer? we're getting connection errors (we're trying to hook into the same postgres-backed api in dev and production, and the producton client api is working fine but the free dev api is not working)


no, the free protocol is only for Datomic Free use with local storage


if you have a Starter (or Pro) license, you should use that for a sql-backed instance


(that is, you should use the pro peer library)

Datomic Platonic17:03:58

@marshall when we include [com.datomic/datomic-free "0.9.5656"] we can only see the datomic.client.api namespace -- is there another maven artifact for the peer library?

Datomic Platonic17:03:51

oops, meant to say [com.datomic/client-pro "0.8.14"]

Datomic Platonic17:03:19

sorry, we found them in the tarball (i guess they're not in the maven site because of the closed source nature of the project...)


@clojurians873 Correct - the peer library can be installed from the downloaded zip with bin/maven-install or you can get it from the private maven repo with the credentials listed in your account